Tuesday, February 24, 2009


just cut it chop it fck it... just leave it dude!!! well here i am with this fcking question again!!!!!!! WHY ME?? i knew it i just knew it nothing can ever be smooth enuf for me...
people jus think for themselves, tweak, modify and change everything whatever was said and done according to their bloody convenience and ya wen i do it...its jus unfair...motherfuckker.... hypocrite
i so knew it was my fckg mistake all the way from the beginning. to try and understand beyond your capacity is the biggest mistake i cud ever do...how peaceful it wud have been for me if i hadnt accepted certain things the way they were but no i wanted to be proved a fool by going all out of the way to put things the way i wanted...
i keep saying that i accept everythng the way it is but today i ve realised hw wrong i am...bloody shit...
the fuckker thinks he can fuck my brains forever and i will watch it happening...ok ya there were very good moments and then there were very bad ones but they were jus fucking moments!! not that i can call them months and years of that..
wat is gained after it is again betrayal....i now realise and big time realise it that emotional fuck ups are always simple if u look at em in only one angle and they get layered and even fuckd up once u start thinking about it in diff angles...fck it why do i even have to bother rite is wat i tell myself now..its enuf done and said and understood for all these freakkin years...and its jus not a small time to put it all behind me in an instant u know...but this time for sure its final....final final final fucking final decision by which im gonna stand and i knw will be supported by one person very strongly and thats what matters at the end of the day...
goin back to him...hw the fuck can you force anybody to do something...fucking how!!! the funniest thing ever...i know u used be crazy for me and now i am too (ya after almost the whole life time) so now u cant and shudnt let this go....dude!! i really dont know wat to say to that now..or for that matter what to think...and why.... it jus shows the fucking level of his thinking...man what was i thinking!! i really fail to understand what was that thing that kept me making the same mistakes again and again and again...
jus tried readin this post all over again man i dont know what i ve written...guess its jus the venting out shit tat has happened...hah...and i feel much better now.

Friday, January 02, 2009

shutting the shutters.

rolling, the creaking sound, the rusted shutter now needs to be shut really hard.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

to know more than u need to know....

To know that i know more is a the biggest problem in my life. the quench of knowledge is good but how much is the question. knowing somebody more than that person is another thing that leads to an array of complicated scenes. its as complicated as this!! "u know", "i know", "don't know" are the words that have bounced on ears far more than known to me..i want to a life where i don't want to know anything anymore. is that too much?? i ask myself. simple things on ur face get complicated coz of unnecessary knowledge.
Being dumb! i know sounds harsh and inhuman of me...but believe me its the best thing to live in the dark.
Dont want to know anything anymore!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

missing singledom!!!!

oh yeah very much...well im stuck in such a weird shit that im partly single and partly not..and the fuck up is that it always comes up in contrast situations. but such is my life. sigh!
and to top it all i jus realised yday that suddenly everybody around me, my cousins, friends.... are going some place or the other....united states, australia....umphh. is it some sign for me is what i ask myself. i dont know... anyways its getting weird and strange by the day with me and him. i can clearly see the end of it but its like now after sooo many years half my body is out of the dark room the rest half is stuck so badly like some creature holding it tightly!!! conversations are so bizzare and arguements are completely baseless...so far as niether one of us are aware of the point one is trying to prove!! and this entire proving business is just making me go nuts...wish i cud break someone's nuts in retaliation!! hmmmmm wish sooo many things actually.
the rains are making everything soo blurr...what is with my vision man!! and no my power is still the same. all the planning is going for a toss..
i think im almost losing something inside me somewhere...or is it me what im losing??? again no answer.
i just want to live a suspended life somewhere in midway...like air!! an urge to lose my force of gravity has suddenly agreivated!!...
hmmmm it like...
I cheated myself
Like I knew I would
I told ya, I was trouble
You know that I'm no good

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

fun take on serious probs

websites are getting interesting by the day man!!! And specially when serious brands like finance, insurance and stuff come up with such Impressive sites!

check it out...

Friday, January 04, 2008

mixed bag

so many things happening at one time... and so are my mood swings.
I really feel like a bag filled with mixed/mixed up things!! i dont know and i wanna leave it there. But it is kinda fun!!
After a long time I saw a movie which was worth the price of the ticket...but i screwed up that feeling by watching another crapy movie. hehehehe... the whole world is raving about aamir's directorial debut and yeah he does deserve it.
i was so impressed with the visual treatment of the film and ofcourse the screenplay too...
I came across a lot of behind the scenes stories which were very interesting (one of the eyebrow raising was that he'd been planning the movie since 2001...man, ths man is insanely passionate about films) and well i wasnt that shocked coz at the end of the day it was aamir who produced it, so the presumptions. But it is so sad for that guy i feel at times coz if this wasnt a good movie then i wud say 'oh ya this guy is crazy and his perfectionist tag is too big for him' but now when the movie is so good i say 'oh ya its him u know it had to be outstanding'...hehehheehehhe i know its stupid but thats how the human mind is!!!
Enuf for the movie now, i had sme real good time at this new year party. To begin with i was celebrating it with my best friend 'the apple of my eye' (thats cheesy :-p ) Both of us were so surprised when we realised that it was the first time in sooooo many years that we celebrated new year together!!! and it was awesome i jus lowe this guy soooo much!!! oops did i say something which i wasnt suppose to... anyways i think, that is wat i think... and yeah the most amazing part about the new year was that i did not drink much and did not get drunk a bit..coz i jus didnt feel like it...and a big effort was made to quit smoking and put the moto 'no smoking' in big bold in the new year resolution list which i hate the most. and thats all i want to say about the resolution.
so finally it is so far so good...lets c how well it goes..

Friday, December 14, 2007

the Story of Regifting


I came across this cool microsite for panasonic new phones.
The same insight had been used for the new cadbury campaign during the festive diwali season...
Well its soo true everybody relates to it...
I am sure everyone has come across this regifting trend once in their life (atleast the mid-class people)